My two Trans Linguistics based Ebooks are here…Enjoy :)

As a Transformation Linguistics researcher and practitioner, wanted to create small script books for those who practice Transformational Linguistic in their practice.

Book 1, Be Love is a short 30 page long ebook. Woven with simple inspirational linguistic patterns. And Book 2, Pointers to NowHere is for regular meditators and seekers on the path of Truth, Awakening and Samyakdnyan (wisdom of balance as espoused in Zen teachings). Though both of the books are light hearted and have carefully tried to avoid saying too much.

For those who seek the essence behind words, i recommend to read a little before meditation and also use post meditation for reflection.

Those who enjoy Haikus, would enjoy these subtle twists…

For those who are new to Transformational Linguistics or Multilayered writing, a simple tip is if you read with awareness, each reading will allow you to explore a deeper meaning and insight. Years of work in most concise, format.

Also those who walk the shamanic path, you can use both as “Reflective Reading” during Journey states or also for my Trance Music DJ friends, you can read out to your crowd, when your crowd has entered “the zone”. :-)

Here are these, my small offering to humanity.

Be love Amazon book coverpointers to NowHere

I am the mystery

I amI am the mystery that i seek,

Hoping never it be revealed fully to me.

Drunken, aware and yet grasping each day a lill more

The more i seek it, the more beautiful i become.

The beauty that i see within, is the beauty of thousand lotuses

with an intoxicating fragrance of love unbound

The love which rips my heart open and splits me up into infinite small pieces…

I am…the one on a journey… piecing together the mysterious puzzle

When i started…i was lost, worried n confused whether i will piece it all together…

Now am afraid…that i just might

I want to shun the piecing together

and throw the key into an abyss in which it will be lost forever

I wonder why many mysteries around me are in a hurry

to figure it out.

As i sit by a river and watch my reflection

I smile at it and look in the sky

and the head bows down

And a prayer slips through my heart

“I am the mystery that i seek,

I hope i never figure it out”

- Raah -

(message for the walkers on the “edge” of the lodge)


Once upon a time, there lived a stone. He was born a stone. He was happy where he was. Some day a “hand” found him.
The hand chiselled the stone, cut it to pieces and made him beautiful. What was beauty for the world was a painful memory for the stone. After a long while stone realised that his soul was more powerful. And ever since then the stone became who it was a stone.
The world today calls him precious, he laughs out aloud and knows that he is still a stone.
He can see that mere mortals crave to possess him and r unaware they can’t possess a stone. They don’t know that stones open their heart to chosen few. To those with open heart.
For everyone, it is just a stone or precious stone. For some it’s a stone with heart. For a Sufi it’s not a stone it is mother’s heart.


Kaise bataye kyun tujz ko chaahe….How do i tell you, why do i love you…;-)

Musings for the mystery that i seek.

The more i seek the mystery of life. The more i fall in love with her. The more she unravells herself, the more i surrender to her.

Once upon a time i wanted to understand her  fully, now i just love to watch her, watch her infinite ways. Watch he elegant play of dark n light that she .

Only one thing i can say about her. She is beautiful n i love her with all my heart.

Meri “Jaan”…tumhaare liye jaan bhi de denge.

Bowin to the mystery. Now as i wait for my next meetin in a nice reception hall. Surrounded by her

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Your time here…is getting over

Ever wondered that your time here is getting over. Breath by breath. Minute by minute. When i look around (when am not busy enjoying n making most of each moment ;-), i find that sometime we all live as if we are gonna live eternally.

And I love to live in touch with this awareness all the time. So that i can choose wisely and what is most important to me. It becomes easy to choose and decide which way to move forward. Many ask me for suggestions on best decision to make, especially when caught in catch 22 situations. Here is what i feel…

a. What would you choose if you knew that u have only a week to live n experience this life?

b. Whatever you are afraid of give it a chance and do it. You might discover that u were wrong or right about your fear. In any ways, you will have moved forward. And this intelligent n generous universe ensures that one day you discover that there was nothing wrong with you or your life.

c. If the decision is not easy. Simply toss the coin and take the coins decision as God’s will.

d. Look around. The signs will tell you what you need to choose. Listen to the wind, listen on messages on Billboards. Thats how i chose to quit my last job in US and decided to come to india. When i made a decision in 2006 to head back home after a brief stint in US firm, i told myself that i will look around and will trust the sign. I had the question should I make the decision to go back or stay here? And here comes the hoarding of Nike asking me to Just Do It. And i did. And it made all the difference.

e. If you are unable to sense and feel that your time here is getting over, visit nearest hospital. You will discover how fragile our body n life is which we think will exist forever. That can give you a good perspective on choosing what your heart wants.


Soul Magic…your magic

Each one of you, reading these words. Wonder what got you here, what led you to read these words. In that whim, thought, intuition, desire (whatever label you give), there is a secret hidden. The secret of the magic of your soul.

The secret is weaving itself since long. At times you stumble upon it, but you say, its not mine it is because of someone else. You meet gurus, you meet peers, you meet river, you meet child, you meet your friends and also your foes. What i wish to know is how often do you meet yourself?

Your magic can be unfurled only by you, i can help you pick the first thread of the “cloth”. As you pull that thread, further n further the cloth will begin to give in to your pull. And one day the cloth will fall and you will see yourself. Naked. As you are. With all your beauty and all that is you. And then a new love story will start. There will be a beloved and there will be a lover. And they both will dive together. Deeper n deeper in the mystery of love.

In that moment, i will say my job is done now. Now you go and teach this magic to someone else.

If you wish to learn the Soul Magic, you will need to promise to teach one day to someone. At least one. And whoever you teach, take a promise to teach one. Let me know when you are ready. My altar is set, waiting for you to say “yes”. Say yes to learn what you already know but sometimes forget….Soul Magic ;-)

Mr. Unhappy meets Mr. happy

An unhappy man to a happy man.

U : Why do u not have worries?
H: I dont know how to live with them. We dont understand each other.
U: Why are you never bothered about security.
H: Because i know there is no such thing exists. If am alive, its a grace. Security is a fantacized by all but experienced only by those who dont seek it.
U: What made you happy?
H: I don't know. Am lucky may be not to believe what happens in my head all the time.
U: How do you let go?
H: Same way, the way i let go security. When you let go you need to let go good with the bad and bad with the good.
U: I know all this and i am still unhappy.
H: I know all this and i am happy.
U: Means happiness is not about what you know.
H: May be. 
U: This gyan sucks
H: Yes i also know this and hence am happy forever LOL
U: This is not fair. How come god made you happy and made me unhappy.
H: I wish i could know that. But am happy and thats why i call grace. Some have it n some don't. Cant help. Sad but true at times.
U: Is there a way i can get happy?
H: Stop asking that question and be happy. See what makes people happy, do them, one day you might stumble upon what makes you happy.
U: i dont believe you.
H: good for you, that way when you find your happiness, you dont need to give me credit. You can say you found a new way to be happy. You can write books about it. Become rich n successful.
U: Wow that makes me happy. Glad i am not listening to you. I am gonna find my own way.
H: My master told me one day, the day you start listening to urself, you become happy.
U: Ohhh no why did you share this.
H: I was kidding. My master didnt say anything like that.
U: (sigh of relief) happy again
H: Wish you all the best dear friend.
Courtsey : Crazy Diamond