Abundance Distinction 1

The first distinction we know…but we don’t practice. The second am sure very few of us know. Read both anyways…

These days I do a lot of sessions on abundance and I’ve discovered some amazing distinctions about how we many times block abundance.

Distinction 1.
Abundance is always a state of mind and not the heavy bank balance that is reflected in your passbook. And it’s easy to get the latter but very difficult to get the former.

When I recall my days without money and now I experience the days with money. Many times I don’t find a difference in the mental state. In both times I’ve experienced abundance and scarcity.

However also what is true is the fact that there are still times when I experience the same neediness of money that I used to experience when I was without money, even when I have money which at those “kangaal” times was a highly desirable state.

The block of abundance I have discovered is neediness. The more neediness I feel, the more I am in touch with the lack and more I begin to ignore the recognition of abundance already flowing in life. When I can shake myself out of the neediness and begin to re-look at what I have, I am back to experiencing ease. And the beautiful thing I have observed is the moment I am back to experiencing abundance, more of it flows from sources unknown.

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