Abundance Distinction 2 = Thank Recession

In my opinion, human beings across the planet need to get rid of only one thing; and that is our habit of taking things for granted. When the going is smooth and you buy a home, you assume that you will be alive the next day, that you will have the job and that you will have the same or more salary, you assume, assume and just assume. And hence one is very rarely grateful. I don’t need to talk about importance of gratitude as innumerable self help guys have explained the power of gratitude.

Recession just gets us in touch with how much we take life for granted. Recession if you carefully observe is another beautiful universal cycle. It shows up when people are not being grateful for what they have. It shows up so that we can begin to be grateful again for what we have. However in my opinion, most people get hit by recession and they do exactly the opposite of the purpose of recession.

Instead of being grateful for what they have even in these tough times, they begin to curse and focus on lack.

Like all games, recession is a game where you can participate the way you choose. Either you are playing to win or you are playing not to lose. Dhoni did a great job in yesterday’s test in demonstrating what it means to play to win.

Just know recession shows up so that we can become more creative, more aware of the value that we create and the returns that we demand. It also forces us to think about whether we’re really providing value or faking it under a fancy designation. What recession always takes away are fancy designations. It forces people to rethink the value of the contribution that they make and how that is evaluated. It is also like stripping experience. Suddenly you are stripped of your suit and asked a question, tell us what you have and show us that what you have is valuable. It’s a flab-cutting exercise. It’s a beautiful phase to get in touch with the power practice of watching the mind.

Let your mind play the video of the worse that can happen financially and just keep watching. When the mind is done playing that video, check whether it wants to scare you more and if it does; be patient and see that. The beauty that I’ve observed is when I give my mind full freedom to scare me, it fails to scare me. Our job is to recognize whenever the mind wants to put up its “Recession Horror Show” and then, just sit down with a coffee and popcorn and watch the movie intently.

In my experience, I end up appreciating the mind and the focus back on my wonderful coffee and then I can appreciate the fact that am still alive and experiencing this beautiful life. Try it and let me know.

Here are some lies I have discovered.

a. Money does not make me happy.

b. Money makes me happy.

c. I can feel abundance even when I don’t have enough balance in my bank account.

d. I can feel abundance when I have couple of crores stashed in my bank accounts.

e. I need money to be successful.

f. I don’t need money to be successful.

These lies are like Zen koans. Meditate and share your reflections as a reply to this post.

Wish you effortless abundance that you are already surrounded by, but consciously choosing not to access.

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