Abundance Distinction 3. “Lay Offs are good”

Distinction 3. Lay offs are unfair. Is it really true? Byron Katie forced me to turn this statement around. And I feel it’s not true.

I am in touch with at least a dozen people who have shared that the lay off process that they went through around the dot com bust was their turning point. As the world is becoming more and more individual centric rather than corporate centric, a lay off is a wake up call. I see a lay off like the first pain in the chest, or a mild attack or suddenly discovering you have diabetes. And having discovered that, now one gets ready to quit smoking, starts exercising, joins yoga, relishes and appreciates immediate family etc.

Its not that one can not do it as a preventive measure, it’s just that by design we are more reactive than proactive. And if we have declared ourselves as a reactive race, nature has to honor than and get us in our reactive learning cycle. We don’t see it as that when it’s happening to us.

But the reality is that the lay off was brewing up…

…every time you were not taking the opportunity to build your unique skills and talents

…every time you were taking solace of being associated with big brands and yet feeling this hollow feeling “what am I doing here

…every time you looked at someone quitting a job and following their passion and passed a judgment that he/she is not realistic,

…every time you got lost in the designation race but in knew in your heart that it was useless to do so

…every time you were hid behind the computer screen and faked that you were busy

…every time you saw and heard about people being sacked and shrugged off the thought saying “no, no it wont happen to me”

Now lets see why lay offs are beautiful.

They are beautiful because they serve as a wake up call. You don’t have to believe and live the lie that you are indispensable. You don’t have to go to office. You don’t have to worry about office politics. You don’t have to worry about imagining work means going to office and coming home late. You don’t have to listen to your boss’ shit. You don’t have to grumble about your duly deserved raise not coming. (Now that you know that even your next salary won’t come)

You will finally confront your fears head on. You will finally begin to talk to your spouse about what you feel. You will discover who the meaningful people in your life are and the relationships that you must focus on. You can actually write your success story once again. You are finally free from the trap that your mind showed you, i.e. that you needed that job. Yes you still need it, but the reality is you don’t have it. You will finally venture to do something different. It’s your opportunity to write a new rags-to-riches story. You can become the lead character of the life movie that your mind plays for you every day.

Wake up. All that you took for granted can be acknowledged and with that a new energy can be created to create abundance.

If you can’t sense that…go look for another job. It’s like taking medicines but telling doc that you can’t exercise inspite of suffering a heart attack. Anyway, it’s your choice. And I know for sure everyone makes the right choice given the way they look at life.

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