The eternal game

The game is on. Since eons of years. The game of the journey from unawareness to awareness. When we are aware…we are free. We are light. And we are fully present. And when we are unaware…we are in bondage of our desires, our dreams, our unfulfilled expectations. Completely unaware that we have what we need. If we needed anything other than that we have we would already have it.

When one discovers that, he becomes aware of what he has and begins to appreciate that.

This awareness is the beginning of true abundance.

What is it that you already have and you are unaware of? When everyday you shift your focus on what you have. Shifts begin to happen. You receive more. You experience and rejoice the new reception. And then the abundance just unfolds. The energy gets aligned to enough and more.

Such is the way and path of abundance.

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