Forgiving someone-an act of ignorance or i might say arrogance


Something which was inspired when i was responding to a friend’s update about forgiving

I could be wrong…but this is my perspective.

To forgive someone is the biggest act of arrogance. Why ? Because you are standing in a place that you were right and someone else was wrong. As if you are going to give something to someone who doesnt deserve it. It means there is a problem in the divine order. Because if you truely connect to the whole plan. You discover that when we stand in the place of forgiving someone, our ego has gripped us fully.

In that moment, it is reflecting the image of yourself as a poor victim who is excercising his power to get back.

If you wish to see the other side.

Just make a list of all the contribution the other person has made in your life by doing the act which you are holding against him/her.

It is a courageous act to count the hidden blessings. It takes getting out of the clutches of ego mind thriving on being a victim.

If you can do it, it means you are able to see through both sides.

If you can list down the contribution with complete honesty…two things happen. You are filled up with gratitude. And you transcend the game of being a victim and poor me. There is no one to forgive. You can see the divine plan unfolding. Lessons planted carefully for you to learn from. Can say it as have experienced it as usual 😉 he he he

P. s. not for the weak hearted. Because this means loosing out on something on which you might have created the whole story. Loosing out on something that always successfully fetches us sympathy. It means letting go of “our big story”. And then for a while life becomes empty. It seems we have been lill stupid for a long time. He he he. Happened with me for sure 😉 Dont know about you

3 thoughts on “Forgiving someone-an act of ignorance or i might say arrogance

  1. Dear Raj,

    This are the deepest words i have ever read on Forgiveness! So beautiful and so powerful!

    Thanks for such kind words which always helps people like me to connect back to gratitude and being one with all around us.


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