9 Questions to begin with while reinventing your career…


Few questions that could be helpful on the journey of re-inventing your career. There are two parts to the process.

Before answering the questions.

Answer a fundamental one.

Are you single faceted or multi-faceted?

If you are single faceted, the principles of career designing are different than that of a multi-faceted person. The world is divided in these two. Most success stories that we compare ourselves with and feel bad about are of people who are single faceted. There journey is simpler than the person with multiple skills.

The whole career reinvention has only two steps. Yes only two steps. We make it complicated unnecessarily. Sharing from experience he he he.

Part 1. Discovering what you love. (if you are multi-faceted, you will take a long time to discover the final “what you love”. Don’t hesitate to still explore. Because you might find the final “what you love” after you have engaged and explored with some loves. 😉 Its a a journey. Ask me. From a Copy-writer to entrepreneur to NLP therapist to Executive Coach & OD consultant. The key is honoring and doing your best with whatever that you have discovered about “What you love”

Part 2. Building what you love.

1. What am i seeking from a new career or profession?

2. Are you looking for a new job or really looking for doing something new? Many a times people confuse the two.

3. Decode the word passion for yourself. What does it mean to be passionate? When last you felt passionate? What was it about exactly?

4. Where are you looking for inspiration? Can you look at some more places?

5. What about you really, really works? (Don’t waste time on fixing yourself, now nothing can be done. Accept where you are. Start where you are?)

6. Have i ever felt i wish i could do….? If yes, go back to that and explore more. Don’t focus on why you can’t do. Focus on how will you feel if you could really do it.

7. Distinquish between ideal work and work process. And see if you like both. For eg. you want to become an artist, but you don’t know what to do when you are finished with your painting?

8. Describe your ideal work day as if you have no conditions. And then clarify, clarify, clarify. Clarity is the key. Most people fail here and go back to the mundane. If possible design two days. One while you are busy with work. Another when you are not so busy with work

9. Most fundamental question. What do i crave to contribute? What am i willing to be used up by?

P.S. Some of the insights come from Enlight Model of Career Development developed and designed by Mr. Sanjeev Bhamre. My mentor and my teacher while I worked with him for Maverick Achievers Foundation, . Working with him has helped me balance my head part. He heads L & D at TCS. For a indepth understanding, buy his book The Five Great Myths Of Career Building : And How Successful Careerists Debunk Them lill technical…but useful.

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