The Final Freedom

freedom birds

You wait at the gates of heaven,

and you have walked a long distance,

You can see where you started

and you can see all that you have accumulated

At the gates of heaven, you are asked to be free.

You ask how do i do that? How do i become free?

You are told “Become who you were before you started this journey”

And you realize, to do that, you need to become zero

You drop everything that you carried for so long

Seems you are doing it but realize its happening to you

And in that instance awakening happens,

You go back to who you were before you chose the journey

You enter the gates,

thankful that you got back home

Seems like the end of journey

Little did you know what lies ahead

Ignorant you become once again.

A voice says “So rest for a while in the nothingness”

As you might want to take the journey again.

When you get bored of nothingness.

May be starting from being a rock again, or a drop in ocean or a bird or anything under and beyond the sun 😉

May be a lunatic, may be a saint, may be a victim, may be a simple man or may be a deadly saint

You will choose again to entertain yourself by entering this fascinating world of experience

Craving for only one thing an experience.

Any experience will do, but i need an experience you say

So you choose a new experience every day.

In the morning you are born and in the night you die.

A life time gets over and you start the next with a cry.

Another experience and another day and another life.

No matter who you become, the memory of who you are will be taken away

Till the pathless path will enable the remembrance…

of who you originally were?

You begin to wake up.

When you ask the question “Who am I?”

And you are fully awake when You know and living the answer.

And it takes as long as it takes…

You can’t rush the process

You are exactly where you should be.

Notice the perfection of where you are.

And you will gain “A Glimpse of Freedom”

First step to “Final Freedom”

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