Leap Oh miserable man…

Man Oh…you miserable man,

afraid, withdrawn and wounded you stand.

Watching over the edges of the well of love

The depth scares you and you remain around

wondering and wishing if you could ever deep dive

You come around and turn your back again and again

Centuries have gone and only few dared to jump…

But you remain there, watching, gauging the depth of love

But utterly afraid, scared for ages…

Ye its true that if you leap in,

you will hurt and fall many a times too…

But fall you must,

as you will know

the heartaches and pains are beautiful too…

The cry feels so healing and the aching heart so soothing…

The nectar of ecstasy is found here too

And You sit back on the edge, looking at love

wondering…who are you to fall deeply in it…

And i stand deep inside and ask you who are you not to?

You are a son of god…born of love…

May be you have forgotten but i remember…

Been waiting here for your leap,

for you to break through borders of your fears and your in-numerous cages

I call you to jump and dive in love

Just dive with your heart open and your arms ready to embrace

You and I both know, you will fall, will stumble, will be bruised too

your heart will be scarred and might bleed of tears and fears alike

But know for sure,

You will find me there…

I stand there at the core, at the bottom of the pit

with my heart all open

Waiting to usher you in the heavens of freedom that lie here…

And just to be be with you ,

to share and taste the sweet pain of loving heart with you…

So jump you must,

as i call on you…

Have been here for ages waiting for you…

Man o miserable man…

hoping in my heart,

you will jump soon

breaking through the shackles of your boundries

letting go fully

mindlessly yet heartfully

Am waiting here patiently

only for you

only for you…

2 thoughts on “Leap Oh miserable man…

  1. hi there
    well who is John Galt ???
    jumping is the fool’s way
    off the cliff, the only route
    the cliff is seductive
    like the glittering stars
    black night even more winsome
    but when clouds are beckoning
    the rainbow is extending its arch
    who is afraid of anything .
    love is the barrier and the bridge
    arms are the only
    embrace and my own vulnerability
    my own aircraft to carry me to
    new spaces within me and in the universe
    this passion of mine is madness
    the darkness and ambiguity, my only light
    Let’s join hands,
    with heart in the mouth
    delicately crafting new horizons
    I am jumping like the fool of the Tarot
    and letting go of all that I know.
    Not knowing but trusting you and me
    and the universe .
    The romance of life is engaging ,
    love is the colour of the fabric.
    Madness the only thread I want to hold.

  2. lovin your madness…waiting for the moment…holding space for the unfolding…am at ease…like the ease a warrior feels when he knows what he is called to do…the time is here…

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