12 simple Lessons from another journey

As most of you know of my habit of taking periodic breaks and getting lost in nature, this time i went to Konkan with a friend. Though our experience of the whole journey was different, here are snippets of my simple lessons. Will keep it short and sweet. I find them simple because i find everything divine extremely simple. And yet to come across something where play of divine is not present and where he is not speaking to us. Including my untimely or sometimes scheduled journeys 😉

1. While on the journey whether I know it or not, whether I like it or not there will be sign posts to guide me to different destinations.

2. If I miss watching the signpost because I was lost in my “thoughts”, I can’t say there were no signs. They are always there. “They” always put the signposts in life whether we give “them” any credit or not. We are always told by “them” where we are going. And yet we wonder where have i come. And blame it on them for not showing the way.

3. From time to time, i need to get free from “my thoughts” and look around for signs. and then I see them clearly.

4. No matter where you are going, you are shown where else you can go as well. All destinations are always attainable if you wish to realistically see how much time you have in one lifetime. So choose baby choose. Where you want to go.

5. If you are with someone and you wish to explore an unchartered territory, seek for mutual agreement. And then if the road is bumpy you can choose whether to go the distance or return. No matter what you choose. Do it mutually. It helps you enjoy the ride. 🙂

6. On a journey, always know that you can stop anywhere for any long time if you are ok reaching my destination late. In the end both have a different flavor, so choose baby choose again.

7. Do what you please. If ever you get stuck, keep aside worries and ego and ask for help. Sometimes it is best to acknowledge that we have a problem and seek help. Rather than wait for someone to come and help. Or keep suffering silently but know that you choosing it 😉

8. The mysterious is always unfolding, the key lies in the fact whether i am really watching and witnessing “all that is” around me.

9. Sometimes the journeys, where you havent decided the final destination, are more fun and more enchanting. As you can always enjoy the joy of discovering new. There is at times no joy when you know where you are going and what to expect. I love to go to unknown destinations. All the time 😉

10. There are no detours and no time wasting, if you can watch whats around, play some music and have some nice conversations with whom you are traveling.

11. Go where you have never gone before and do what you have never done. You never know what gifts come your way.

12. Enjoying “what is” is truly an art. And i guess am getting better at the art after each journey that i take.

Apart from these simple lessons, I loved what unfolded as a part of a Shamanic Journey that I initiated for my friend. Even those journeys are amazing. Felt great as a Shaman to initiate another journey in the depths of unconscious into the mysterious . Enabling reintegration of the body, mind and spirit. Felt being useful. And that was the most amazing part. My gifts could be used yet again. That made the journey really special.

1 thought on “12 simple Lessons from another journey

  1. Hi Raj, nice reading. signs are so compassionate. yet many travellers tend to miss out and blame it on the roads……

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