A letter to Mr. Ego…

Dear Mr. Ego,

Am writing to you to acknowledge your greatness and your all pervasiveness. Centuries have passed. Many gods and concepts of gods have come and gone. But you remained. A triumphant warrior. Sometimes i feel, you look like the hero which is portrayed in films who at the end stands there and has a last laugh over his victory over the villain.

The only saints and masters who could transcend you either had to risk going crazy and i guess they did go crazy. And barring those few, you remained all pervasive. Across centuries. I meet you everyday when i look at myself in the mirror. And every time, i witness anger, hatred, or pain within me or in the eyes of the person whom i see in the places that i visit, I find you there, lurking. You make us flinch. You make us judge. You get us to feel what you want to feel through us. And we honor.

I have seen you lurking even in the eyes of the so called masters. And that makes me bow down to you. I guess it is true that if god is all pervasive then even you are. May be god created you so that he could create some entertainment. You have been successful for many ages to create wars, massacre, separation, lying. And i guess you have been doing your job superbly well.

I have carefully noticed that you also are kind. When people come and move through transformational experience, you trick them into believing that now they have conquered you. I guess you let them enjoy their age old fancy of being enlightened for a while and then you encircle even that experience. Sometimes i wonder how do you manage it.

(aapki performance ka raaj kya hain?) What is the secret of your astounding success, i wonder? You make a few believe that now they have gone beyond you and then you return. It seems like you love to play with them. Like a cat plays with an insect. The cat doesn’t kill it immediately. It hits and waits for the insect to move. And when it moves it hits again. You do the same. You let go of the grip and make the poor man feel he is free and then come back and hit again. And sometimes this sequence continues till the poor man dies. And when he is reborn. There you are. Waiting with your wicked smile.

I guess earlier you would let humans play till they turn 6 to 7 yrs old. Now i see you entering lill earlier. Devouring on their innocence. And you do your job so perfectly that i just cant stop being amazed at your finesse.

I admire the way you show up in casual conversation and slowly take a grip of one of the person and turns it into a heated argument and sometimes fight as well. You make sure that you get rooted very deep in the body as well. During some of my bodywork sessions, sometimes when i see your grip on the person, i have no option but to wait and pray so that you can be little generous and loosen your grip so that the person can breathe easy or feel more freedom.

I guess after God if i respect anything for its sheer magic, i guess it is you. I have seen you sitting tightly on many hearts including sometime mine like a ferocious Snake guarding a treasure. And wont let anyone touch or open the heart filled with love.

And i wonder about your magnificence. Would like to ask you a deeply personal question. Do answer if you can.

What do you really want? And what is your purpose to hold us all so tightly? I am sure there must be some reason which makes you cause what you cause in this world everyday.

As you know that now that i have started off an journey to understand you in your lightest and the darkest manifestation, would request you to reveal your true nature and purpose.

Till then in your awe. And bowing to you with all respect and fear in my heart. You are mighty. May not be all mighty. But surely very might. Hope you get to know you deeper and deeper. Getting to know your different faces. The all knowing face, the poor me face, the angry young man face, the rich guy face, and many others. And i know that the list will be countless. So will just wait patiently to get to know you better.

Deep love.

2 thoughts on “A letter to Mr. Ego…

  1. Which cold and warm sueures of the truth of our multiple facets in ……… Know how to look at the shadow before seeing the light there….

  2. I can attempt to answer your question as to what the Ego really wants.
    What does the Ego ultimately want from us?
    – Ego is manifested in many religions as the devil him self. However in order to believe this, one has to be spiritual (in a religious sense) to begin with.
    If we take the Ego as the Devil than the explanation of what the Ego wants is simple.
    -The devil or “Iblis” is a dzin (Please look this up I dont want to explain). He is not an angel since he was made from fire, and angels are not made from fire. When God created man he asked all of his beings to bow down to the man. Everyone did except “Iblis” (The Devil). He said to God “Why should I bow down to him (the man) for he is made of soil and I am made of fire. I am clearly better than him.” It was this arrogance and “Iblis’s” pride that made God very angry and he damed him forever.
    -After this “Iblis” (the devil) told God. He said that for as long as there is men on earth his sole purpose will be do lead every single man astray from the right path.
    This is until the judgement day.
    – If we believe in this story from above than we can also conclude that the Devil himself is manifested through our EGO. Therefore the sole purpose of the EGO or the answer to our original question of “What does the Ego want?” is that our EGO wants to destroy us. It wants to make sure that we go astray from the right path, the path of God. He wants us to be damned just as the devil is damned by God. This is his only purpose on earth.
    All the qualities of the Devil like pride, arrogance, greed, perversion, etc. show through a persons Ego. The core of every person is good. We were not bad from the beginning. It is the Ego that ruins people as adults.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Please keep in mind that this is just one interpretation of the Ego. Do not post ugly comments because if you have nothing nice to say than dont say it =). Also please excuse me if I misspelled a few words I am not a native English speaker.

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