Finally…i was caught…

You showed up when i was least expecting you.

You stood at the gates for ages and i always knew you are there

Waiting for my glance, seeking my attention

But i was afraid.

Afraid to look you in the eye.

I ran away from you for ages,

thinking, hoping, praying, that you never get to me.

I created walls thicker than few galaxies so that you get lost and never find me.

They also told me to beware of you. To shun you.

Though i was curious, shunned you i did.

I tried my level best.

And befooled myself that i have got rid of you forever.

But fool i was all along.

You got me when i least expected you.

Though i had kept the door open,

i never sensed you will walk in.

I was prepared with a knife of wisdom, sword of enlightenment, and shield of good deeds.

But your beauty got me. Your fierceness intrigued me.

Slowly you seduced me and i must say i allowed you too…

I held my breath as you undressed…

revealing the whole of you to me.

I wasn’t aware behind the black robe.

A shimmering beauty inviting and awaiting a deep embrace.

There came a moment.

The moment of decision.

I had to make a choice.

I could turn my back on you and run from you again or to embrace you the way you are.

I was prepared to turn my back on you once again.

Gripped with the same fear that made me run away from you for ages.

But “the grace” did me in.

Unknowingly i fell in the embrace, such was you beauty and your grace.

When i felt you deeply, i cursed myself for having shunned you for ages.

When i made love, i was being born again.

A birth was taking place in the moment.

Your dark robe was on the ground and you deeply in my embrace.

You within me, me within you.

The unimagined was real.

I was becoming you, and your were me.

As i got up in morning and looked in the mirror.

Was surprised to see you vanished from the bed of roses.

Only the dark robe that you left for me as the remnant of your existence.

I went up to the shower and looked in the mirror.

And was looking forward to find myself reflecting back to me.

And lo behold. I saw myself. And in a flash i saw you.

I had not lost you…after ages i had finally found you.

My deepest apologies for having run away from you.

And my deepest gratitude for having found you.

Thanks for not deserting me and following me across ages.

My dear shadow, just wanna say, I love you.

And thanks for your gifts…you made me whole once again…

Visit soon…looking forward to meet you again.

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