In the thick of the night she wakes up,

and wants me to wake up as well.

She says look at me,

rubs her against me n says “Look at me, love me, I have been waiting to be explored”

I say, you are today here will be gone tomorrow.

Knowing fully well that she will be disappointed.

But i knew her all along and i don’t trust her all the time.

During many nights, she makes me feel like a king,

She entices me fully and i get intoxicated as i entangle deep within her,

as if i have stumbled upon the secret and the most beautiful thing in the world.

She lets me penetrate deep within her,

never resisting, always welcoming my force.

I at times feel i love to explore each of her pore.

But i sense it is her who wants me to explore.

And as she wakes me up again,

I look at her and think of the times.

This is not how she always is,

She has betrayed me many a times,

I am reminded of the time,

When the night was young, she made love.

Took over me fully.

And in the morning she just left.

Leaving no signs of her being there ever.

I think of her memory and smile to myself.

Thinking “Thank god, I didn’t get carried away with her”.

People would have called me a fool.

And i breath a long sigh of relief.

Lately she has been coming again and again.

Trying to show herself to me,

wants me to explore and love her.

But am tired of ages of being called a fool.

And the ridicule that follows.

But this time she doesn’t look like in the mood to deceive me.

But i know in my heart,

that it is me who love to play with her.

She goes to many men,

and entice many.

But no one knows her worth.

May be not even me.

But this time i feel closest to her truth.

Its not that she is looking any different than ever before,

she looks still the same as i saw her first when i was 7 years old.

She hasn’t changed a bit.

But I guess I have,

now I trust myself more.

Ohh forgot to introduce her to you..

Here she is,

She has a wonderful name.

“Inspiration. “

And i love her. 🙂

And you can meet her here in these words,

She is the most beautiful thing in my world.

She keeps me alive and makes me…


And this moment she asks me to tell you.

I have found mine,

And she hopes you find yours.

1 thought on “She…

  1. If her name is inspiration then your name should be ambition because only inspiration can arouse the exotic feelings in an ambitious person

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