What are dreams made of?

Dreams show up mostly when you are either half asleep or fully awake.

Made up of some thoughts, feelings or strong urges.

Everyone dreams,
But due to their suddenness very few believe them.

Those who do are called little crazy and eccentrics because it is rare in humans to trust their dreams.

For most focus on how its not possible and very few are mad (sane:) enough to believe that they are possible.

Dreams show up sometimes from different dimensions. Holding precious information.

However, very few engage with them, rest dismiss them by saying…”Forget it, its just a dream”

For me dreams have been callings to expand who I am and create a new me. And each dream I madly pursued made me more. Each dream fulfilled or unfulfilled helped me know that I am, always little more than what I have already discovered about myself.

However it seems I am getting old, I am being choosy about my dreams. Some dreams I have burried and now the worldly wisdome that I have gathered seems to be telling me which dreams are worth following.

When I was very young, I could dream of anything, not anymore. I guess we grow old but energy of dreams always remain, light, playful and at times far fetched.

Having fulfilled 4 of my impossible looking dreams which I dreamt in 2001, now I trust them little more. And I trust the source of them little more.

In this moment, I wish luck for your dreams. And may you discover your soul through your dreams. So dream on a little dreamer, as in dreams we find the kingdome of heaven.


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2 thoughts on “What are dreams made of?

  1. Thanks raj ..right time to learn about dreams..i guess this is your diwali gift to me :). may be after diwali we will speak

  2. Thanks Raj….for this lovely post, though I’ve read it a little late. 🙂 I’ve never ever worked to fulfill my dreams for I’ve only thought that they are dreams… I never realised that dreams, rather day dreams can also come true…. and this post of your’s has really made ponder and now I’m just revisiting my own dreams..

    I hope I’ll be able fulfill some of those dreams..even fulfill atleast start moving towards fulfiling them,

    Thanks again


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