Just Do IT

He says, “I got a question?”

Master says, “Spill it”

“Can you explain to me the science of walking on fire?” He asked.

“No” answers the master.

“I need to know how it happens so that i can do it myself and also do it for others. So please explain how does this work?”

Master : Do it n find out for yourself”

He : “That blazing fire scares me to death”.

Master says : “Sure”

“I don’t think i can do it.”

“Then may be you can’t”

“Won’t you persuade me and motivate me?”

“Why should I? Its your job”

“Then i wont do it.”

“Then don’t”

“What should I do if I have to learn to do it”

“Just Do it and now if you are not going to do it. Let me put the fire at rest. I can’t get her angry because of your fears.”

“If I burn, will you take responsibility?”

Master says “Yes, I will, but you are the one who will have to go through the pain. There if at all you want, I can’t share your pain.”

“You are scaring me. You should help me deal with my fears be understanding of them. You are a master, evaporate my fears”

Master laughs and says “Son, take a walk. You are not meant for it. Go home and sleep. There are thousands of other things to do than walking on fire.”

He gets angry. And starts to walk away. Deeply yearning for the master to stop him and urge him to do it and deal with fears once and for all.

In a moment, he turns around. Walks past the master and suddenly walks through the bed of fire.

Master smiles and asks “How did you do it?”

He says “I don’t know, i just did it”

Master says “See, was telling you, “how” at times is immaterial, whats important is ‘just doing’ it”

He asks “Should i walk through all my fears and you promise, nothing will happen to me.”

Master turns and says “I don’t know. Just do it and see for yourself.”

“What if i get hurt, abused, judged, lose?”

“Then you will feel hurt, abused, judged and lose.”

“Then how will i again risk and overcome my fears”

“I don’t know, my sense is you will figure out a way”

“So whats the best way to deal with your fears after all analysis and seeing pros and cons”

I think then “You just do it.” said the mastered.

Frustrated, angered by the master’s response. He said “Then i am quitting being your apprentice.”

Master says “Please do it. Just do it now”

He is flustered. And he walks away. Master looks at him and looks up in the sky and says “Thank god, for saving me” LOL


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