Mr. Unhappy meets Mr. happy

An unhappy man to a happy man.

U : Why do u not have worries?
H: I dont know how to live with them. We dont understand each other.
U: Why are you never bothered about security.
H: Because i know there is no such thing exists. If am alive, its a grace. Security is a fantacized by all but experienced only by those who dont seek it.
U: What made you happy?
H: I don't know. Am lucky may be not to believe what happens in my head all the time.
U: How do you let go?
H: Same way, the way i let go security. When you let go you need to let go good with the bad and bad with the good.
U: I know all this and i am still unhappy.
H: I know all this and i am happy.
U: Means happiness is not about what you know.
H: May be. 
U: This gyan sucks
H: Yes i also know this and hence am happy forever LOL
U: This is not fair. How come god made you happy and made me unhappy.
H: I wish i could know that. But am happy and thats why i call grace. Some have it n some don't. Cant help. Sad but true at times.
U: Is there a way i can get happy?
H: Stop asking that question and be happy. See what makes people happy, do them, one day you might stumble upon what makes you happy.
U: i dont believe you.
H: good for you, that way when you find your happiness, you dont need to give me credit. You can say you found a new way to be happy. You can write books about it. Become rich n successful.
U: Wow that makes me happy. Glad i am not listening to you. I am gonna find my own way.
H: My master told me one day, the day you start listening to urself, you become happy.
U: Ohhh no why did you share this.
H: I was kidding. My master didnt say anything like that.
U: (sigh of relief) happy again
H: Wish you all the best dear friend.
Courtsey : Crazy Diamond

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