I am the mystery

I amI am the mystery that i seek,

Hoping never it be revealed fully to me.

Drunken, aware and yet grasping each day a lill more

The more i seek it, the more beautiful i become.

The beauty that i see within, is the beauty of thousand lotuses

with an intoxicating fragrance of love unbound

The love which rips my heart open and splits me up into infinite small pieces…

I am…the one on a journey… piecing together the mysterious puzzle

When i started…i was lost, worried n confused whether i will piece it all together…

Now am afraid…that i just might

I want to shun the piecing together

and throw the key into an abyss in which it will be lost forever

I wonder why many mysteries around me are in a hurry

to figure it out.

As i sit by a river and watch my reflection

I smile at it and look in the sky

and the head bows down

And a prayer slips through my heart

“I am the mystery that i seek,

I hope i never figure it out”

– Raah –

(message for the walkers on the “edge” of the lodge)

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