I am the mystery

I amI am the mystery that i seek,

Hoping never it be revealed fully to me.

Drunken, aware and yet grasping each day a lill more

The more i seek it, the more beautiful i become.

The beauty that i see within, is the beauty of thousand lotuses

with an intoxicating fragrance of love unbound

The love which rips my heart open and splits me up into infinite small pieces…

I am…the one on a journey… piecing together the mysterious puzzle

When i started…i was lost, worried n confused whether i will piece it all together…

Now am afraid…that i just might

I want to shun the piecing together

and throw the key into an abyss in which it will be lost forever

I wonder why many mysteries around me are in a hurry

to figure it out.

As i sit by a river and watch my reflection

I smile at it and look in the sky

and the head bows down

And a prayer slips through my heart

“I am the mystery that i seek,

I hope i never figure it out”

– Raah –

(message for the walkers on the “edge” of the lodge)

Published by Raj Mali

A Coach & Group Dialogue Facilitator (Both Online & Offline) Co-Founder at www.RedWisdom.in An India-based leadership coaching and consulting firm Lover of Books, Films, Tantra, Music, Travel, Cappuccinos & Free-flowing conversations Nowadays mostly at home...doing online and sometimes off-line in person Therapeutic Coaching Sessions. Enjoys attending to his love life, parents, friends, books and pets when not working... Author of Two Whatever Books "Be Love" and "Pointers to NowHere" P.s. - These Whatever Books are "Sometimes" available on Kindle or his website www.rajmali.com

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