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Your time here…is getting over

Ever wondered that your time here is getting over. Breath by breath. Minute by minute. When i look around (when am not busy enjoying n making most of each moment ;-), i find that sometime we all live as if we are gonna live eternally.

And I love to live in touch with this awareness all the time. So that i can choose wisely and what is most important to me. It becomes easy to choose and decide which way to move forward. Many ask me for suggestions on best decision to make, especially when caught in catch 22 situations. Here is what i feel…

a. What would you choose if you knew that u have only a week to live n experience this life?

b. Whatever you are afraid of give it a chance and do it. You might discover that u were wrong or right about your fear. In any ways, you will have moved forward. And this intelligent n generous universe ensures that one day you discover that there was nothing wrong with you or your life.

c. If the decision is not easy. Simply toss the coin and take the coins decision as God’s will.

d. Look around. The signs will tell you what you need to choose. Listen to the wind, listen on messages on Billboards. Thats how i chose to quit my last job in US and decided to come to india. When i made a decision in 2006 to head back home after a brief stint in US firm, i told myself that i will look around and will trust the sign. I had the question should I make the decision to go back or stay here? And here comes the hoarding of Nike asking me to Just Do It. And i did. And it made all the difference.

e. If you are unable to sense and feel that your time here is getting over, visit nearest hospital. You will discover how fragile our body n life is which we think will exist forever. That can give you a good perspective on choosing what your heart wants.


Chapter 3 from my upcoming book “Clarity”

On request of my friends am posting a chapter from my upcoming book “Clarity”. This is Chapter 3 excerpt. Thanks to michelline, narendra and many others who from time to time keeps asking me the status of the book. One request…please suggest a suitable title that you think could be apt for this. Also your comments and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to forward


Mind is not a thing, its a live process. We don’t have a mind but we are minding. Thoughts come and thoughts go. Due to insufficiency to capture the essence of mind in language, Mind has always been perceived or explained as an apparatus that we have. (we will talk about this in another chapter, for the purpose of simplicity i will use mind as a thing in this conversation)


The beauty of mind is that we can’t consciously use it unless we see it as a an independent process distinct from our witness consciousness. And because we mostly have to depend on mind identified identity to do our day to day functions, mind keeps on using us rather that we using it. (its neither minds fault nor its your fault, thats how it is and thats how we are designed)


The mind is cyclical in nature and hence we go through pain and pleasure when we begin to live life from mind identified space. Which results into a constant search for a particular experience. We all begin to search for experience where we will be more calm, more peaceful, more happy and more satisfied than the current experience. 


The experience that we all seek for is not something that we need to be worried about because in the cyclical nature of mind, the game of god and bad experience keeps showing up. After the good experience, the bad follows and after the bad, the good follows. And hence if you drop the search for this experience, this experience shows up(not because you meditated long enough or whatever, its thanks to the cyclical nature of mind), we experience it and it goes. And once it has gone the search starts again. The trouble of entire human race is it wants to retain this experience for longer and duration. Its like you wanting the time of night to expand beyond 8 hours. 


An enlightened minding is a process that facilitates the process of witnessing. Pure not-judgemental witnessing. Acceptance is a part of mind process. Whatever the witnesser within you is watching, your mind keeps reacting or interpreting and hence we move away from witnessing and we get engaged with the mind. And we can’t stop mind from doing that. And for this very reason the poor mind is hated across all spiritual traditions as if mind has some personal agenda against the guys pursuing peace and happiness. Thats the way mind is. Like a small child which is busy in a play completely oblivious to what it is causing. Remember mind is just doing its job. And it does it well when you just grant it being.


Now lets see how is that possible.


The only thing that is possible is to quietly observe the plays of mind and how it sometimes shadows the witness consciousness and how it sometimes allows the witness consciousness. Thats the only freedom of action we have.


The witness consciousness is just is. Witness consciousness is just something that we have, its that quiet space that many of us have experienced when everything inside just goes silent suddenly. It happens when you are seeing a vast expanse of water, or enthralled by nature or just when you feel beautiful cool breeze gushing across your body and many such times. 


We cant will it or we cant ask for it as we already have it. Imagine a bulb of light which is lit up. And then imagine a veil falling on the bulb. The density of the cloth or the material of the veil will determine how much of the light can pass through and emanate beyond the veil. All of us are at the core these pure light emanating bulbs, covered with the veil of different densities. The thicker the veil, the lesser light emanated.


Now look at people around you and you will find, they are in a polar opposite range. From calm and peaceful to ever agitated and unhappy. Now picture this, the real calm and peaceful beings have thinner veil and hence more of light of their being is seen. And the more agitated and anxious one is just means that their veil is thicker. 


The veil is made up of or result of our everyday minding process. The more minding we engage in, the thicker the veil becomes. However, at the core the intensity of the bulb remains the same.


As i regress my clients in different past lives and they begin to collapse their traumas and heal places where mind had stuck its energy in polarity, i often find they becoming more and more peaceful and calmer. More genuinely able to accept their life situation. And the most amazing thing i sense is that the life situation which so far they were resisting or accepting from the place of resignation, suddenly they are able to experience it with from the space of pure acceptance.


Also i have discovered that (am assuming, i could be completely wrong), it seems that from the time a soul chooses to show up in human life. It is born with a thick veil and as he moves through lifetimes after lifetimes the veil gets thinner. When the veil is thicker, there is more minding happening and hence the experience of life is more polluted, where mind perceives only whats missing and misses attention on what it has. As we move through experiences without resisting and just purely witnessing, they veil gets thinner and we experience more love and light and a different sense of calm.


And if you observe the evolution of human collective consciousness in last few years, you will observe that as a human race as our awareness grows and the collective veil gets thinner we can more easily drop our judgements and connect to each other. 


In the recent years, i have witnessed a quantum leap when it comes to watching the world. I sense that the entire humanity is engaged in the process of thinning the veil and revealing more love and light for each other.


And the process that i have seen most contributing to this collective effort is more and more people accessing witness consciousness.


Its the same process Buddha and many other enlightened masters have recommended for ages.


Witness consciousness process


Close your eyes and slowly take your awareness on your breathing. And then give your mind the freedom to think and create any thoughts that it wants to create. Give your mind space and time to think whatever it wishes to think. 


As you follow these steps one of the following will happen.


a. Your mindspace will get filled with lot of thoughts and feeling.


If this is happening just be at ease and keep giving mind the permission and freedom to think whatever it wishes to think. In few moment like the fog clears up, your mind space will begin to become empty. And now no matter how hard you try it will keep becoming empty. Do not be afraid of this emptiness. Just be there. Enjoy the silence and emptiness.


Remember you cant do anything with this emptiness. You can just experience it and allow it being.


b. To your surprise as you give your mind freedom to think, your mind will suddenly go quiet.


You might be surprised to find this empty silent space within. Just keep being there and witness what happens. If at all after brief gaps some thoughts show up in your consciousness just allow it to be their and they will go.


If you practice it, do let me know what shows up for you.


to be continued….