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Mr. Unhappy meets Mr. happy

An unhappy man to a happy man.

U : Why do u not have worries?
H: I dont know how to live with them. We dont understand each other.
U: Why are you never bothered about security.
H: Because i know there is no such thing exists. If am alive, its a grace. Security is a fantacized by all but experienced only by those who dont seek it.
U: What made you happy?
H: I don't know. Am lucky may be not to believe what happens in my head all the time.
U: How do you let go?
H: Same way, the way i let go security. When you let go you need to let go good with the bad and bad with the good.
U: I know all this and i am still unhappy.
H: I know all this and i am happy.
U: Means happiness is not about what you know.
H: May be. 
U: This gyan sucks
H: Yes i also know this and hence am happy forever LOL
U: This is not fair. How come god made you happy and made me unhappy.
H: I wish i could know that. But am happy and thats why i call grace. Some have it n some don't. Cant help. Sad but true at times.
U: Is there a way i can get happy?
H: Stop asking that question and be happy. See what makes people happy, do them, one day you might stumble upon what makes you happy.
U: i dont believe you.
H: good for you, that way when you find your happiness, you dont need to give me credit. You can say you found a new way to be happy. You can write books about it. Become rich n successful.
U: Wow that makes me happy. Glad i am not listening to you. I am gonna find my own way.
H: My master told me one day, the day you start listening to urself, you become happy.
U: Ohhh no why did you share this.
H: I was kidding. My master didnt say anything like that.
U: (sigh of relief) happy again
H: Wish you all the best dear friend.
Courtsey : Crazy Diamond

Just Do IT

He says, “I got a question?”

Master says, “Spill it”

“Can you explain to me the science of walking on fire?” He asked.

“No” answers the master.

“I need to know how it happens so that i can do it myself and also do it for others. So please explain how does this work?”

Master : Do it n find out for yourself”

He : “That blazing fire scares me to death”.

Master says : “Sure”

“I don’t think i can do it.”

“Then may be you can’t”

“Won’t you persuade me and motivate me?”

“Why should I? Its your job”

“Then i wont do it.”

“Then don’t”

“What should I do if I have to learn to do it”

“Just Do it and now if you are not going to do it. Let me put the fire at rest. I can’t get her angry because of your fears.”

“If I burn, will you take responsibility?”

Master says “Yes, I will, but you are the one who will have to go through the pain. There if at all you want, I can’t share your pain.”

“You are scaring me. You should help me deal with my fears be understanding of them. You are a master, evaporate my fears”

Master laughs and says “Son, take a walk. You are not meant for it. Go home and sleep. There are thousands of other things to do than walking on fire.”

He gets angry. And starts to walk away. Deeply yearning for the master to stop him and urge him to do it and deal with fears once and for all.

In a moment, he turns around. Walks past the master and suddenly walks through the bed of fire.

Master smiles and asks “How did you do it?”

He says “I don’t know, i just did it”

Master says “See, was telling you, “how” at times is immaterial, whats important is ‘just doing’ it”

He asks “Should i walk through all my fears and you promise, nothing will happen to me.”

Master turns and says “I don’t know. Just do it and see for yourself.”

“What if i get hurt, abused, judged, lose?”

“Then you will feel hurt, abused, judged and lose.”

“Then how will i again risk and overcome my fears”

“I don’t know, my sense is you will figure out a way”

“So whats the best way to deal with your fears after all analysis and seeing pros and cons”

I think then “You just do it.” said the mastered.

Frustrated, angered by the master’s response. He said “Then i am quitting being your apprentice.”

Master says “Please do it. Just do it now”

He is flustered. And he walks away. Master looks at him and looks up in the sky and says “Thank god, for saving me” LOL



In the thick of the night she wakes up,

and wants me to wake up as well.

She says look at me,

rubs her against me n says “Look at me, love me, I have been waiting to be explored”

I say, you are today here will be gone tomorrow.

Knowing fully well that she will be disappointed.

But i knew her all along and i don’t trust her all the time.

During many nights, she makes me feel like a king,

She entices me fully and i get intoxicated as i entangle deep within her,

as if i have stumbled upon the secret and the most beautiful thing in the world.

She lets me penetrate deep within her,

never resisting, always welcoming my force.

I at times feel i love to explore each of her pore.

But i sense it is her who wants me to explore.

And as she wakes me up again,

I look at her and think of the times.

This is not how she always is,

She has betrayed me many a times,

I am reminded of the time,

When the night was young, she made love.

Took over me fully.

And in the morning she just left.

Leaving no signs of her being there ever.

I think of her memory and smile to myself.

Thinking “Thank god, I didn’t get carried away with her”.

People would have called me a fool.

And i breath a long sigh of relief.

Lately she has been coming again and again.

Trying to show herself to me,

wants me to explore and love her.

But am tired of ages of being called a fool.

And the ridicule that follows.

But this time she doesn’t look like in the mood to deceive me.

But i know in my heart,

that it is me who love to play with her.

She goes to many men,

and entice many.

But no one knows her worth.

May be not even me.

But this time i feel closest to her truth.

Its not that she is looking any different than ever before,

she looks still the same as i saw her first when i was 7 years old.

She hasn’t changed a bit.

But I guess I have,

now I trust myself more.

Ohh forgot to introduce her to you..

Here she is,

She has a wonderful name.

“Inspiration. “

And i love her. 🙂

And you can meet her here in these words,

She is the most beautiful thing in my world.

She keeps me alive and makes me…


And this moment she asks me to tell you.

I have found mine,

And she hopes you find yours.

He asked who are you?

The old man asked the lill boy who are you?

The lill boy turned around, looked deeply in the old man’s eyes and said.

I am that which is not afraid.

I am that who has been fool many a times.

I am that who cries and weeps when it pains…

And am that who dances like a crazy nut when it rains..

I am that which looks up and wonders about the father sky

And also that which lies on the grass, feels mother earth and cries…

I am saint and also the sinner…

And they say am a sinner…for they believe only sinners are happier lot.

I am all that i believe and also all that “they” believe… 🙂

I just am…free unbounded spirit…not all the time but sometimes for sure.

Sometimes feel deeply shackled and am ok with it…

I am wise and i am a fool…

I love what i am and i love what you are…

Sometimes i love and i know love…sometimes i dont and run away from it…

Love scares me at times…feel like i will loose all that i have if i begin to give into love.

I learnt Love is scarily powerful master…when you embrace it, i know i will go mad…

So thats all that i am and yet i am discovering what all i will be…

And he turns around and asks the old man…Who are you?

The old man says may be the other side you.

I am scared as hell and i have been only two to three things all my life.

Everybody said i need to behave and need to think what others think.

And i never thought what i wanted but am proud that i did what everyone wanted me to be.

I have been old since i was your age.

I thought thats the right thing to do and grow up and look grim as everybody around me did.

I began to become old when i began to feel i need to do what other do…

And as long as i remembered…what aged me is the thought…what people will think?

The old man asked…


And the young boy looks up and says…

“I don’t know”… and winks…

The old man feels pain in his heart and wonders can he be like the young boy again.

And suddenly the answer came…

“I don’t know?”

The answer eased him as it dint say that he would never be able to…

but it just said it doesn’t know…

The young boy and the old man have lived through the ages…

So the question is…


A letter to Mr. Ego…

Dear Mr. Ego,

Am writing to you to acknowledge your greatness and your all pervasiveness. Centuries have passed. Many gods and concepts of gods have come and gone. But you remained. A triumphant warrior. Sometimes i feel, you look like the hero which is portrayed in films who at the end stands there and has a last laugh over his victory over the villain.

The only saints and masters who could transcend you either had to risk going crazy and i guess they did go crazy. And barring those few, you remained all pervasive. Across centuries. I meet you everyday when i look at myself in the mirror. And every time, i witness anger, hatred, or pain within me or in the eyes of the person whom i see in the places that i visit, I find you there, lurking. You make us flinch. You make us judge. You get us to feel what you want to feel through us. And we honor.

I have seen you lurking even in the eyes of the so called masters. And that makes me bow down to you. I guess it is true that if god is all pervasive then even you are. May be god created you so that he could create some entertainment. You have been successful for many ages to create wars, massacre, separation, lying. And i guess you have been doing your job superbly well.

I have carefully noticed that you also are kind. When people come and move through transformational experience, you trick them into believing that now they have conquered you. I guess you let them enjoy their age old fancy of being enlightened for a while and then you encircle even that experience. Sometimes i wonder how do you manage it.

(aapki performance ka raaj kya hain?) What is the secret of your astounding success, i wonder? You make a few believe that now they have gone beyond you and then you return. It seems like you love to play with them. Like a cat plays with an insect. The cat doesn’t kill it immediately. It hits and waits for the insect to move. And when it moves it hits again. You do the same. You let go of the grip and make the poor man feel he is free and then come back and hit again. And sometimes this sequence continues till the poor man dies. And when he is reborn. There you are. Waiting with your wicked smile.

I guess earlier you would let humans play till they turn 6 to 7 yrs old. Now i see you entering lill earlier. Devouring on their innocence. And you do your job so perfectly that i just cant stop being amazed at your finesse.

I admire the way you show up in casual conversation and slowly take a grip of one of the person and turns it into a heated argument and sometimes fight as well. You make sure that you get rooted very deep in the body as well. During some of my bodywork sessions, sometimes when i see your grip on the person, i have no option but to wait and pray so that you can be little generous and loosen your grip so that the person can breathe easy or feel more freedom.

I guess after God if i respect anything for its sheer magic, i guess it is you. I have seen you sitting tightly on many hearts including sometime mine like a ferocious Snake guarding a treasure. And wont let anyone touch or open the heart filled with love.

And i wonder about your magnificence. Would like to ask you a deeply personal question. Do answer if you can.

What do you really want? And what is your purpose to hold us all so tightly? I am sure there must be some reason which makes you cause what you cause in this world everyday.

As you know that now that i have started off an journey to understand you in your lightest and the darkest manifestation, would request you to reveal your true nature and purpose.

Till then in your awe. And bowing to you with all respect and fear in my heart. You are mighty. May not be all mighty. But surely very might. Hope you get to know you deeper and deeper. Getting to know your different faces. The all knowing face, the poor me face, the angry young man face, the rich guy face, and many others. And i know that the list will be countless. So will just wait patiently to get to know you better.

Deep love.

The Final Freedom

freedom birds

You wait at the gates of heaven,

and you have walked a long distance,

You can see where you started

and you can see all that you have accumulated

At the gates of heaven, you are asked to be free.

You ask how do i do that? How do i become free?

You are told “Become who you were before you started this journey”

And you realize, to do that, you need to become zero

You drop everything that you carried for so long

Seems you are doing it but realize its happening to you

And in that instance awakening happens,

You go back to who you were before you chose the journey

You enter the gates,

thankful that you got back home

Seems like the end of journey

Little did you know what lies ahead

Ignorant you become once again.

A voice says “So rest for a while in the nothingness”

As you might want to take the journey again.

When you get bored of nothingness.

May be starting from being a rock again, or a drop in ocean or a bird or anything under and beyond the sun 😉

May be a lunatic, may be a saint, may be a victim, may be a simple man or may be a deadly saint

You will choose again to entertain yourself by entering this fascinating world of experience

Craving for only one thing an experience.

Any experience will do, but i need an experience you say

So you choose a new experience every day.

In the morning you are born and in the night you die.

A life time gets over and you start the next with a cry.

Another experience and another day and another life.

No matter who you become, the memory of who you are will be taken away

Till the pathless path will enable the remembrance…

of who you originally were?

You begin to wake up.

When you ask the question “Who am I?”

And you are fully awake when You know and living the answer.

And it takes as long as it takes…

You can’t rush the process

You are exactly where you should be.

Notice the perfection of where you are.

And you will gain “A Glimpse of Freedom”

First step to “Final Freedom”

Unleashing Being – Fantasy of divine


On an idle sunday, the divine mused. And thought let me fantasize. And so it did.

The divine with eyes closed, began to create…something that went on to become a reality in one of the universe he had created.

Here’s his fantasy.


Once upon a time, there lived a queen.

A queen, a ruler and yet another special soul.

One day she returned to her palace to take a break from all the people she had to meet. And all the formal, false pleasantries she had to exchange. She was feeling very heavy. With all that she was doing, thinking, feeling and wearing. So she decided to pause. She went to her special part of the palace. An empty room. Her favorite  place to be herself.

She stepped up to the mirror.

And suddenly realized what all is she wearing

Felt, am looking good but this weight is not bearable anymore.

Think, am wearing too much

So first she took out all that she felt bad about

Which made up her evening gown,

Her gown was laced with her stories of miseries, of abuse, of unjustice, of hurt

It was very difficult to just let it slide,

As she was wearing it for a long time.

Every time she wore this gown, it would ensure some sympothy, some love, some attention coming her way

It was very difficult to let that go, as she thought this will stop even the trickles of love coming her way

Very reluctantly she let go of that

She felt lighter and at ease. For the first time she felt like singing her heart out.

What a release it was. First painful and then turning joyful.

She danced naked across her room. feeling the ecstasy and the freedom.

And she danced and she sang.

As wildly and as passionately and as fully as she could.

Finally she was free. And then she was tired and sat in front of the mirror.

And while dancing she realised there was something more she was wearing.

Her precious diamond necklace…

each diamond was precious.

Some diamonds were gifted by her parents, some by her brothers and sisters,

Some diamonds had come from teachers and some from kind neighbors.

And some diamonds, she didn’t know where they had come from. And yet they were there.

She had made this diamond necklace painstakingly, through out her life.

And adorned it with pearls of wisdom from the masters she met on the way

and the self-help books she had read. And from the tapes on developing confidence she listened to.

The necklace was made up of her beliefs of right and the wrong, the shoulds and should nots, doing and non doing, good and evil, the sacred and the profane, the light and darkness…etcetra, etcetra, etcetra…;-)

As she started to remove it, she felt she need not.

Its just a necklace which she could keep on

as the weight of the gown had already dropped.

When suddenly she realized where she is going, she discovered, she doesn’t need that as well

So she unhooked the beautiful necklace which always adorned her neck and was close to heart,

And slllluuur, it fell,

She could fully feel the necklace sliding down, the cold heavy necklace touching her breasts, her stomach and her yoni

Falling down and carrying everything, she held stored in her body.

And as the necklace fell. There was a beautiful silence. She was lill more lighter.

A kind of silence, she had never heard before.

And that was gone too…

She began to feel lighter…a feeling she never felt before

The nakedness began to feel exciting…little did she know that the real revealation is yet to come.

As her body revealed and glistened in the mirror she witnessed the extra-ordinary

For the first time, she discovered that the light is not reflection of light from her body,

It is emanating from deep within her body….

Lill surprised she looked closely in the mirror

And was exhilerated to find the light coming out through the pores of her skin

As she glimpsed the light, she wanted to connect to the source

And was wondering what does she need to do for the fullness of the light to emerge,

And in the moment, she discovered her body was made up of all the good she was holding onto that she believed she had.

She was now confronted with a difficult choice

To transcend the body and embrace the light within or to stop here at the sacred nakedness of the moment.

There came a voice that said…it is your choice, choose the body or choose your naked being lying dormant deep within for centuries

Once a queen, happy and at ease with all that she wore to look good and acceptable,

now was the moment of truth…

She pondered, i can stop here as the weight of the good and bad is dropped

After a brief pause, she said let me take a step and see what lies within

So finally she chose to let go of the body…

And the miraculous unfolded

Suddenly everything went silent,

a long pause.

And at the end of the pause, there started a huge celebration

A celebration of a rare phenomena in the universe

The whole universe was singing and dancing. And the music and dance reached a peak.

And why is should not celebrate. At least, someone after a long time was waking up to her light within

And the celebration was needed. And it amazing

As she was busy enjoying and witnessing the celebrative universe.

The ultimate was being revealed

the only thing she saw in the mirror was pure light,

pure being.

A being that expanded and pervaded everything and every being.

Finally she was realized she was awakened

A goddess was born


With eyes closed. The divine smiled. What a wonderful fantasy. Thinking he should create more often. And went on to have his evening tea with friends and family.