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Your time here…is getting over

Ever wondered that your time here is getting over. Breath by breath. Minute by minute. When i look around (when am not busy enjoying n making most of each moment ;-), i find that sometime we all live as if we are gonna live eternally.

And I love to live in touch with this awareness all the time. So that i can choose wisely and what is most important to me. It becomes easy to choose and decide which way to move forward. Many ask me for suggestions on best decision to make, especially when caught in catch 22 situations. Here is what i feel…

a. What would you choose if you knew that u have only a week to live n experience this life?

b. Whatever you are afraid of give it a chance and do it. You might discover that u were wrong or right about your fear. In any ways, you will have moved forward. And this intelligent n generous universe ensures that one day you discover that there was nothing wrong with you or your life.

c. If the decision is not easy. Simply toss the coin and take the coins decision as God’s will.

d. Look around. The signs will tell you what you need to choose. Listen to the wind, listen on messages on Billboards. Thats how i chose to quit my last job in US and decided to come to india. When i made a decision in 2006 to head back home after a brief stint in US firm, i told myself that i will look around and will trust the sign. I had the question should I make the decision to go back or stay here? And here comes the hoarding of Nike asking me to Just Do It. And i did. And it made all the difference.

e. If you are unable to sense and feel that your time here is getting over, visit nearest hospital. You will discover how fragile our body n life is which we think will exist forever. That can give you a good perspective on choosing what your heart wants.