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Your time here…is getting over

Ever wondered that your time here is getting over. Breath by breath. Minute by minute. When i look around (when am not busy enjoying n making most of each moment ;-), i find that sometime we all live as if we are gonna live eternally.

And I love to live in touch with this awareness all the time. So that i can choose wisely and what is most important to me. It becomes easy to choose and decide which way to move forward. Many ask me for suggestions on best decision to make, especially when caught in catch 22 situations. Here is what i feel…

a. What would you choose if you knew that u have only a week to live n experience this life?

b. Whatever you are afraid of give it a chance and do it. You might discover that u were wrong or right about your fear. In any ways, you will have moved forward. And this intelligent n generous universe ensures that one day you discover that there was nothing wrong with you or your life.

c. If the decision is not easy. Simply toss the coin and take the coins decision as God’s will.

d. Look around. The signs will tell you what you need to choose. Listen to the wind, listen on messages on Billboards. Thats how i chose to quit my last job in US and decided to come to india. When i made a decision in 2006 to head back home after a brief stint in US firm, i told myself that i will look around and will trust the sign. I had the question should I make the decision to go back or stay here? And here comes the hoarding of Nike asking me to Just Do It. And i did. And it made all the difference.

e. If you are unable to sense and feel that your time here is getting over, visit nearest hospital. You will discover how fragile our body n life is which we think will exist forever. That can give you a good perspective on choosing what your heart wants.


Story of 2 Cages – Part 1

Once upon a time there lived two cages. In two different parts of the world, and one day they met accidentally and loved what they saw. They saw each other’s cage. Cage 1 felt something for Cage 2. And after some time Cage 2 also felt the something similar for the cage 1. They decided to call what they felt for each other as love. They rejoiced in finding each other as they had always dreamt of finding another Cage. Another Cage which will love and accept them the way they are. And they felt, finally they have found a cage that will do the same. As they decided to stay together, Cage 2 thought, other cages need to know. Cage 1 initially wondered why but later gave in to demands of Cage 2 and decided to let all other cages know about their union.

On the day, they had painted their own cage very beautifully so that they feel good about each other and also themselves. Many other Cages came to witness their union. After all, that was what was “supposed to happen” in the Cage world after 2 cages feel what they felt for each other. Everyone  was happy & celebrated the moment. All Cages were used to this.

And then a beautiful journey began, a journey of Love and Intimacy. They wanted to come close, so close that they could merge with each other. Such was the intensity of the feeling which they had decided to call Love.

As they began to come closer, they began to see each other’s cage more closely. Sometimes they didn’t like what they saw and sometimes they loved what they saw about each other’s cage. Both cages had something or the other stuck in some deep edges. Most of the “dirt” or “Unclean stuff” was settled on the bottom of the cage. And it was there because no one in Cage world revealed these stuck things to each other neither did many know how to clean it themselves. Every cage kept the dirt to itself thinking it is just “dirt”. Sometimes, funnily this so called dirt made them feel that they are “not good enough or clean enough cages”. Their wise men and gurus told them it is dirt and hence it is best forgotton by focusing on God and other spiritual truths about life.

Like all Cages, both chose to ignore that. Reason was, when they looked around they saw that when it comes to bottom all Cages have something stuck their, (including some of their gurus lol) but no one talks or cleans it up. Though they can see the same about everyone, they were not supposed to verbalize or talk about it. It was at times considered profane to discuss that.

One day, Cage 1 saw something about Cage 2 and felt very angry. And asked Cage 2 to change and clean one of the stuck thing. Cage 2 defied vehemently as she was also feeling the same, about the stuck stuff of Cage 1. On the pretext of saving the feeling which they called love, she never shared that. And when she mentioned that the hell broke loose.  And why not, they had built their cage so painstakingly over the years based on what they felt and what world told them about building a “good enough” Cage. After all it was too difficult for the cages to hide “not being good enough feeling” which was a result of their “dirt” and still appear very neat, “clean” and “good”.

The more they fought about how other’s cage is dirtier than their own or their cage better than the other in comparison, the feeling that they once felt for each other was slowly fading off. The same feeling which they were told and felt and they named as Love. And then, what started was the journey of coming closer and going away, coming closer and withdrawing. They didn’t give up. Both believed that they can come closer. But slowly both realized that as long as they are going to focus on the cage there is no hope.

They spoke to other Cages and found it was more or less similar for all of them. And hence it is “natural” for all Cages and “that’s how it is supposed to be”.

Somehow they discovered that they will need to live like other cages. And then they did. They began to live with each other but they maintained safe distance from each other.  Too much intimacy or revealing their cage became dangerous for their co-existence. And the only other option that they saw was going away from each other. But they knew that their cage will always remain so whats the point. So they knew separating was also a painful option. And yet they saw some Cages separating as well. But after a while the Separated cage also again long for the same feeling called love. So they felt no point and lets grow old together.

Since then they have been living that way, and people look at them and say wow what a wonderful pair of Cages. They look so much into each other.

But only they know the truth. And their truth is thats “how it is supposed to be”. And hence who are they to live any differently than other Cages.

Ever since then Cage 1 and Cage 2 have been living that way. Now they have kids Cages. And now they are busy teaching their kids how to be “good enough Cages”.

There were only a few Cages who lived differently, but they never revealed how they lived. And hence in Cage world 99% of cages live this way. There are many priests and wise cages who had written wonderful books and these books also help the Cage world to believe that’s how life could be lived in Cage world. The books written by other 1% cages about how life could be lived differently were burnt and destroyed. And it was fine for these 1%. Because they knew a different truth. And it was fine for them that other’s don’t believe that. They just live the other way but don’t talk about it. They share the secret only to the few who are really committed to discover another way. They have no need to teach it to the world. As they are too busy enjoying and living their way.

Some cages look at this and feel in their caged heart that there is a way. But even to think about new way, sends shudders through their spine. So after a little while of agitating and fighting even they live the same way.

Cage 1 & Cage 2 now are growing old. And now they are teaching other Cages that’s the way to live. The mantra is “maintain safe distance”. Don’t reveal your cage fully nor get closer to look at others cage.

Everyone lives in this Caged World very “happily”. They all look very happy, very happy. And looking at their “happiness” at times, brings tears to my eyes. And then I wonder, there must be the divine reason for this as well and who am I to judge their “happiness”.

And I sit back and get busy with my life. Now getting used to seeing both Cages, the 99% and the 1% and i guess. Both want what they are choosing. And as I look at each Cage and look deep in them, I see “the secret” and wonder why can’t they see. But as they say, that the best kept secrets are always open.

So goes the story of Two Cages.

– to be continued 🙂

* pic courtesy – graphicleftovers.com