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Soul Magic…your magic

Each one of you, reading these words. Wonder what got you here, what led you to read these words. In that whim, thought, intuition, desire (whatever label you give), there is a secret hidden. The secret of the magic of your soul.

The secret is weaving itself since long. At times you stumble upon it, but you say, its not mine it is because of someone else. You meet gurus, you meet peers, you meet river, you meet child, you meet your friends and also your foes. What i wish to know is how often do you meet yourself?

Your magic can be unfurled only by you, i can help you pick the first thread of the “cloth”. As you pull that thread, further n further the cloth will begin to give in to your pull. And one day the cloth will fall and you will see yourself. Naked. As you are. With all your beauty and all that is you. And then a new love story will start. There will be a beloved and there will be a lover. And they both will dive together. Deeper n deeper in the mystery of love.

In that moment, i will say my job is done now. Now you go and teach this magic to someone else.

If you wish to learn the Soul Magic, you will need to promise to teach one day to someone. At least one. And whoever you teach, take a promise to teach one. Let me know when you are ready. My altar is set, waiting for you to say “yes”. Say yes to learn what you already know but sometimes forget….Soul Magic 😉